Amenities and Services

The Lodge presents an intimate setting, with well-appointed common areas to enjoy such as the Dining Room, TV lounge, Library and Computer Lounge, as well as a cozy Crafts and Sitting area. With a total of 17 suites, comprised of One-bedroom and Studio units, this community is much like a large house, where residents can get to know one another well and feel truly at home. Friendly staff and residents have the opportunity to become familiar as well, and to feel a part of the Ridgestone community together.

On-site staff prepares home-style nutritious meals and snacks, and provides weekly light housekeeping for all Lodge residents.

Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to visit and to join residents for delicious meals served in the Dining Room. Whether it is for an evening of entertainment, a Mother’s Day Brunch, or a movie or card night, families are often invited to participate in numerous Ridgestone Lodge activities.

Our Services Are

  • Three Home Cooked Meals per day Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.
  • 24 Hour snack fridge in Dining Room.
  • Weekly Housekeeping.
  • Trash Pickup and Recycling Once a week.
  • 24 Hour Signing in and Checking Out for Safety.
  • 24 Hour Locked Security Service.
  • 24 Hour on call staff in case of emergency.
  • Monitored 24 Hour Emergency and Incidents Response.
  • Personal Comfort Management.
  • Recreation: Sing Songs, Faith based activities, Games, Exercise, Creative Opportunities Intellectual Opportunities, Cultural Events.
  • Family gathering Parties.
  • fa fa-check text-violeti> Room Maintenance
  • Gardening.
  • Protecting Personal Information.
  • Health Care Service.
  • Free Parking for those with Cars.
  • Family Meeting Area.
  • Managed Risk Agreements.
  • Monthly in house Resident Meetings to address concerns.

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