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Home is the Heart of our business; Natividad and Roy Ash have been the heart and soul of Your Home Lodges Inc. since it was incorporated on June 14th 2008. We built our seniors lodge with the love of creating a home where people can be an extended family providing all the needs that we will all come to at some time in our lives; where we need help doing the daily tasks that used to be so easy start to take from our time to enjoy the moments that we have.

We made the Home around a small county like setting where family gathers to share stories and remember the good old days at the dinning room table. Where singsongs and laughter are our medicine now that we do not have to spend time cooking cleaning and enjoy the garden without having to do the weeding. If you are in need of any of these things come and join us for a meal or homemade cookies and tea using a different Grama’s recipe, or work on a jigsaw puzzle and share in our journey. Let Natividad and Roy do the Mama & Papa things.

Our Heritage

In April 2000 a committed group of professionals with specific interest and experience in Housing and Services for Seniors met with the intent to create the optimal aging-in-place setting for older adults. Individuals in this visioning group included those with backgrounds in Medical and Mental Health, Retirement Community Management, Seniors’ Advocacy, and Real Estate Development.

The resultant model provided a community-based home-like environment, allowing an enhanced and preferred aging experience over the larger more institutional settings currently available.

The Town of Black Diamond offers the first ideal setting for construction of this model. Serving an integral role as part of an intimate campus-style community, this new construction is to provide the addition of a supported living component to the established and growing 45+ Community of Ridgestone.

Ridgestone Community offers three lifestyle choices for the mature adult. Independent Living options include attached bungalow condominiums and self-contained garden suites, with Ridgestone Lodge providing a key third element – supported living for seniors and adults with physical disabilities.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in makeing RidgeStone Lodge your home, please feel free to fill out the Residency application. A RidgeStone Lodge Medical Information Form will be provided if you are considering making the Lodge your home; this form is partially filled out by the resident and the majority is filled out by the resident’s physician. This document is strictly confidential and is to be given to Roy Ash only. Resident’s confidential information will be kept under strict lock and key at all times and will never be provided to anyone other than Roy Ash unless authorized by the resident in writing.

Once all documents are completed, the resident is to make an appointment with the Manager, Roy Ash. He will then do an assessment to ensure that the resident meets the requirements for living in a supportive living environment. Once the assessment has been completed, the resident may choose the suite he or she wishes to live in.

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